How many times Have you try to change your life for the better?

Brought to you by Joseph Medina

Please take a few minutes(actually 4 minutes and 33 seconds) from your busy schedule and watch this video. Just relax and pay close attention to what is taking place on this wonderful life transformation every day in nature. Have you ever asked yourself if is possible to radically transform your life?

Self-development begins with the perception of our inner selves. We must step inside our selves in order to perceive what we need to change and how we need to grow. This is the first step towards a higher plan of self-development. In order to cultivate self-development one must be able to perceive or see things as they really are. This means that an individual must be willing to face the truth, the reality of perception. We cannot grow as individuals if we continuously deceive ourselves.

One way an individual may deceive themselves is by basing present experiences on past experiences. This means that the individual may perceive their new relationship in the same light as their old relationship. This is a very unhealthy and tainted perspective. If an individual was hurt in the past in a relationship then that individual might fear that they will become hurt in the new relationship. The individual may even wait to be hurt, which is a self-defeating and negative attitude. Nothing good has ever come out of having a negative attitude.

If an individual is worried about being hurt in a present relationship that individual must not let these worries overcome them. Instead, the individual must look at the present relationship as the new experience that it is. We should not base present or future feelings on events that may have happened to us in the past. If an individual does this then an individual is essentially living in the past. We must learn to gain a real perspective on the new situation and each new situation that happens to us. An easy way to do this is to look at each day as a new experience and situation.

This is very beneficial when applied to the work place. An individual may perceive them selves to be stuck in a dead end job but in reality, the individual is only stuck in their way of thinking. The individual has the power to change their current job situation. If an individual wants to receive a promotion then that individual should write down an action plan. Write down ways in which the individual can improve their job performance or make them selves more noticeable. This is the best way in which to reach for success. If you are unhappy in one situation, then evaluate that situation and devise a plan to achieve your goals. An individual must be willing to work with and stuck to their plan of action.

Some individuals have fixed perceptions on reality. An individual may believe that they are every unlucky. If an individual believes this then that individual will have a tendency to focus on all of the unlucky events in their life, this may include small events like receiving the wrong food order or spilling their cup of coffee. This type of individual has such a tainted perception of reality that the individual is unwilling to see the lucky possibilities that are put before them. An individual must be open in order to gain healthier perceptions on life.

A fixed perception can only limit an individual. An individual must be willing to adjust their current perceptions in order to fit into the reality of a situation. This can be used in an individual’s business or personal life. It is always wise to evaluate your current perceptions and to see if any of those perceptions are creating roadblocks in life.

A roadblock will stop an individual from achieving and reaching towards success. We must gain a firm grasp on our perceptions and we must understand why we think and feel in certain ways. This will lead to understanding of the self and further self-development.


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