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My Childhood Dreams

My beloved children and I
My beloved children and I

As far as I remembered my childhood years I recalled having this strange recurrent dream where I had a business of my own selling comics, newspapers, shoe shining and helping old ladies carrying their grocery bags (for a small fee) as soon as they crossed the Mexican border into the hometown where I grew up. I constantly had this dream when I was around five or six years old.

Since I lived right in front of the US-Mexican border I vividly recalled walking approximately three miles to the “pedestrian border crossing” where a whole bunch of kids on the Mexican side patiently waited until  at certain specific times of the day plenty of ladies carrying shopping bags would start walking from Calexico into Mexico and needed help on carrying their heavy loads. Of course, I was only 7 years old and too small to help them for the moment, but I knew someday I could.

Three years past by… and finally I joint the team of “bag grocery carriers” and started to make my first dollars. Oh boy! I was so happy for me and my younger brother and sister because now I could afford to buy things for them. I used to work doing this in the afternoons right after school and later on before dark I’d shoeshine for the rest of the afternoon or until dusk. I was a ” real happy camper” back then having fun and making my first dollar at the same time.

What I’m describing here about my dream became a reality when I started working on my own, mostly because I wanted to have some of the things or toys my mother couldn’t buy for me. I vividly recalled those days when most of what I learned about business helped me to become an entrepreneur today.

Don’t get me wrong when I say that I’m an entrepreneur today, because I had always been. I’m still trying to do my best on starting a business online. I know, I’m aware that I still have to learn a great deal about “marketing online,” but I think I’m on the right track. And I know, sooner or later I’ll accomplish my goal!