Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

Before you start your day! Allow me to make a humble suggestion. The first video you’re going to watch it’s called “the reasons we exist” it’s just a name for the video, what I want to emphasize on is in its written message you’ll see while “amazing grace” is playing as background music. Normally I watch this video before the starting my daily routine, and it always gives me a little boost of motivation to have a better day.

Then, if I have a little extra time, I listen to the next video called “we are children of the universe” which I found very inspiring. It’s a habit I aquired from some time ago that helps me to keep myself motivated. I’m aware that whatever you do during your lifetime you’ll always going to need a little bit of motivation and inspiration here and there. It will only take a few minutes of your time, but believe me; “sometimes we definitively need that extra dose of motivation.”

I probably went through more than 50 self-growth and self-improvement videos before I found those that fulfills my expectations. My original idea is for you to find some motivation and inspiration like I did in these videos that could help you to keep going reaching out for the goals you might have in life.

I know and I’m sure someday, somehow you’ll “Achieve Your Childhood Dreams” and I’ll be real happy and satisfy if I could find out later that…. you finally did.

I’ve had accomplished some of my “childhood dreams” already, but I have some others which I’m still working on. I could go on for hours explaining in details how I have done this, but most probably my explaining will be tedious and monotonous and I don’t want to bore you with the story of my life which at times it’s not very uplifting, and my main intention here is to share with you motivational stories that-more than anything-will help you to build your character and a winning attitude.

Again, let me emphasize on this concept; “it doesn’t matter if you know exactly what your goals in life are, and how bad you want them, the secret is to keep yourself inspired and always motivated in spite of how disappointed circumstances might be at certain times.”